Saturday, March 27, 2010

United States Of Tara 2x01 Yes / 2x02 Trouble Junction

So I just watched the first two episodes of USoT season 2, and I must say I'm really excited about this season! I loved the first few eps of season 1, but then my enthusiasm waned because I was trying to watch it as a comedy and not as a drama. It's not really that funny, so I don't know why Toni Collette won for Comedy, but she's a great actress nonetheless.

The character arcs so far are really interesting.

Not very used to goodgirl!/sweet!Kate, but damn, how cute does she look in her new grown-up clothes? Polka dots? Ties? Adorable skirts? I'm actually starting to like her! And her hair looks amazing. new!Kate is so much better than grownupwannabe!Kate from last season. Creepy Barnabee's manager was creepy. Hated him. Wonder what's going to happen with Kate this season. This Lynda P Frazier lady seems kinda creepy too. What is up with Kate and creepy people?!

Hmm... I hope new!Kate doesn't regress when Tara breaks apart again. I like new!Kate too much.

I always thought that him being gay was a given in this show, but now he's starting to realise that his sexuality isn't set in stone...probably after Lionel's whole out-and-proud thing got too loud for him. Lionel is pretty cute though, I must say. Like a typical stock gay teen in high school. They called Marshall a 'Jonas'. HAHA. And gross, a 'frenema' is a friend who comes over to help you get ready for a big date. Frenema. Ugh.

I love how his dad is always so supportive, even driving him to the greenhouse to get purple carnations for Sweetheart Day, and then looking proud as Marshall gives them out. That's seriously awesome. I wonder how this whole girl thing is going to pan out. I love that he's not doing this in a douchey experimental Jason way, but in a (re)discovering self-identity way. Go Moosh! Oh, and digging the change in hairstyle.

Ugh I adore Rosemarie DeWitt so much. She's so fucking pretty. Love her on Mad Men (and I don't love Mad Men), Rachel Getting Married and Charmaine is amazing character. It'll be fun to see her being someone's wife, although I think she'll find a way to fuck things up spectacularly before anything really happens.

Tara asked if he just wanted to buy the house so that he could have a new project to work on and fix now that she's getting better.. And I see her point. Realistically, I don't believe that anyone could be such a perfect angel, tolerating all that crap and uncertainty and still remain incredibly supportive. I think maybe he has sort of a hero complex, like last season when he went out of his way to track down Trip Johanssen.

I shudder to think what's going to happen when he finds out Buck's back, and that he slept with the bartender twice. I think he's going to have a breakdown of his own because he's taking Tara's recovery as a personal achievement, so the return of the alters means failure and inadequacy. Maybe he'll move out?

Oh, Tara. I don't really understand why Buck was the first alter to return. Tara's morbid fascination with Hubbard's house...I don't really get that either. Was she contemplating the tiny (?) possibility of offing herself like he did? I was expecting the new hippy alter (Shoshana) to come out but I guess it isn't time yet. It was great seeing Tara fighting Buck for a moment, even though she eventually succumbed. It's bad that her alters are back, but it's good that she's trying to fight them, right? (And if the alters don't return there won't be a TV show to watch)

It seems like the bartender's going to be a recurring thing on the show, at least for a while? Hmm...that'll be interesting. I don't really mind because she's kinda a MILF. (But in a Stifler's mom way. Which is a little too old.) So, more Buck then?

And I loved the impromptu singing in both episodes! The All Out Of Love piano duet with Max was so charming :) and they both sounded pretty good! I was half-afraid it was going to turn into a musical

So......clearly I'm loving season 2 already! I'm hoping my enthusiasm doesn't wane again. But if the character arcs continue in this way I don't think I'll have a problem with that at all!

....I just realised that I deleted USoT eps 1x01 to 1x08 because I thought I wouldn't wanna keep them. Fuck. Now I'll have to redownload them!


  1. what?! slept with the bartender twice? I missed that.

  2. Yep, Buck the Romeo...haha. In the second episode.